Next version is under development. The next version will have a different name, (Michael's Real Estate Agent's Listings Manager)  NOT just a new version number. This is being done to avoid any possible confusion with a similar program by another company: 
In fact, you may want to visit that site because their product is more comprehensive and different in several ways than my programs. In fact, if my real estate programs are not what you are looking for you may want to visit their website to see if their program will meet your needs.

June 7, 2004 - Real Time Real Estate has now been replaced by Michael's Real Estate Agent's Listings Manager.  Read more about it.

May 27, 2004 - I have determined that the new, replacement program for Real Time Real Estate will not be available until sometime in June 2004.  For this reason I am extending the $99 purchase of RTRE with free upgrade to Michael's Real Estate Agent's Listings Manager.  When the new program is ready, I will no longer accept orders for RTRE through my two current registration services - BMT Micro and

With the release of my replacement for Real Time Real Estate planned by May 2004, I have reduced the registration price for RTRE through the month of April 2004 to $99 per office.  Registered users of record when the new program is released will receive a free license to the new, yet to be renamed program at no additional cost. See updated screen shots of the new program!

The successor program to Real Time Real Estate will allow for 6 photos of each listing.  A "view only" program will be included which will allow you to create CDs of your listings to give to customers.  This will be helpful in two ways.  First, rather than just giving buyers your business card, printed brochures or web links to your listings, you will be able to give them a CD with your listings so they can view and print your listings at their leisure on their home - or office - computer.  If they have an internet connection when browsing your CD of listings, they can click on a hyperlink on this easy to use windows app and jump to your company web site, or the link for that particular listing. 

 The second way the CD app can help is when marketing your services to sellers.  Not only can you offer them print advertising, internet, and television ads if you offer that, but you can explain that their property can be listed on the CD that you will give away at open houses or send via postal mail to potential buyers of their property that might be moving to the area.  I am excited about the new program and will soon be beta testing with registered users of earlier versions of RTRE. I have a name for the new program but won't make it public until I have some more screenshots to post.  Email me for more info.

Finally, the ability to "burn CDs" with your updated listings can be helpful to give to your agents who may take laptops with them to open houses, and so on.


Real Time Real Estate 2003 received 5 stars from 

Real Time Real Estate 2003 received 5 stars from 

Real Time Real Estate 2003 received 5 stars from the Software Picks Network.  

Real Time Real Estate 2003 received 5 stars from  UKWARES.COM 


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Click to Download a fully functional trial version  

Click to Buy a site license for your office. $99 thru April 2004.

To give you an idea of the report builder features included in RTRE 2003 click the thumbnails below.  One is a report being designed (by you or another RTRE 2003 user) and the report in preview mode.


previewrpt.jpg (24619 bytes)designrpt.jpg (44450 bytes)    



The most often requested feature from those who have used earlier versions of Real Time Real Estates, was the ability to customize the reports.  For example, because I happen to be an American, past versions only allows for the use of the $ currency symbol and there was no way for a non US user to change this on reports.  With the Visual Report Builder in Real Time Real Estate 2003, it is not possible to change almost every aspect of a report.  In the screen shot below I am using the Euro symbol for currency.

Also, even though you may never use it, the report builder does include mail merge type capability.  For example, if you had recently added a lot of new listings, it is possible to create a report that is more like a letter than a report.  You could then use the Query Wizard before printing the report to show only properties with a status of "New Listing" or perhaps properties with a List Date greater than .. whatever  date you choose.  The report could look something like the screen shot below.  Just print as many copies as you like and start stuffing envelopes. 

Download your fully functional 30 day trial version.  Additional download site if the one above is too busy.

 Please try the program before you buy it - we want your money.. but not until you are satisfied the program meets your needs. When ready to order visit the order page.


Real Time Real Estate 2003

Real Time Real Estate 2003 is available now.  It is a free upgrade for registered users of any prior version of Real Time Real Estate.  Many changes including the ability to store 3 photographs of each listing, the ability to apply the Query Wizard to filter reports, and much more.  The screen shots above are from the new version.  The program can be used standalone, each agent maintaining his/her own listings, or sharing the data on a network.  For help setting the program up for multiple users on a network, send email to 


Reports in Real Time Real Estate 2003 include the ability to search for text in a report while previewing.  Tag pages to print.  Improved Zoom.  

Using Real Time Real Estate 2003 you will be able to easily build a data base of your property listings including the digital images of the properties.  Then, you can easily use the Query Wizard to filter your listings.  When a client wants to see, for example, only houses with 3 or more bedrooms, at least 2 bathrooms, in a price range from $125,000 to $155,000 in a certain subdivision - you will be able to quickly run a query to show only those properties.  

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