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Information technology is a big part of who we are - Dennis, Ryan and Mike Baggott.  Dennis (the dad) has been working in the IT field for many years - ok, more than 20 years.  In addition to working as a network administrator, server administrator, database manager and project manager "the Dad" has been developing software since the sons were small children.  In addition to Niche and Custom Application Development, Dennis has often served as a consultant.  In recent years he is in demand for his expertise in Information Security.  Contact Dennis by clicking here.



Ryan has been working for several years in Social Media and photography and digital media. He started developing web sites several years ago and developed quite a portfolio with a lot of satisfied customers.  Ryan is only available for infrequent assignments. He and his wife Hannah live in Bluffton, South Carolina with their two dogs, Capone and Savannah.

Mike recently completed his Associates Degree in Information Technology (with Honors by the way) and is continuing working towards his Bachelor's degree in IT.  I am anxious to see Mike continue to develop his skills in the Information Technology field.

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